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I highly recommend -- it's a centralized resource for housing in the area, and you can sort by location, price, and number of bedrooms. We've found two great apartments through this website.


I have been a landlord in the Syracuse University area since the mid 1980’s. Having lived in the neighborhood my entire life, I care about the people, culture and buildings here. has a similar ethos and back story. Founder and owner, Donna Glassberg has consistently been a caring resource for renters and landlords. I was an early advertiser with and have used the service every year since its inception. is user-friendly and current/accurate by design. It is unquestionably THE most effective advertising platform available for reaching the SU housing marketplace. I look forward to working with and Donna Glassberg for years to come. I recommend that students, landlords and academic institutions do the same.

David Rezak

My name is Maureen M. and my daughter, Amy C. is a senior at Syracuse University. Last fall Amy rented an apartment through University Area Apartments on Madison Street. Amy and her four roommates, who all studied abroad this past spring semester of 2018, needed one last subletter for their five-bedroom apartment. My daughter's rent was $675 per month. If she did not find a subletter for her Madison Street Apartment, Amy and her four roommates would have to pay for the extra room, even though the room would be empty. Amy came across a wonderful site,, which allowed Amy to post her ad to find a subletter.
Amy received several phone calls from students who were scrambling to find last minute housing, and she was able to rent out the final bedroom in her apartment with no problems! I would like to tell you that was an affordable, user-friendly site that allows any college student to sublet his/her apartment, and it is a great site for students who are looking to find last minute housing! The best part about it is, as a parent, I saved a ton of money and the college kids found an extra roommate/friend to share their apartment with! Thanks to Donna Glassberg, the woman who runs orangehousing, who is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and will help you find all of your housing needs!
Thanks to Donna, parents can save money and students can obtain subletters,and in the end, it's a win-win situation for everyone! Please consider using for Syracuse University college students off-campus housing needs! I highly recommend it!!! Thank you!

Maureen M

Hi, Donna - seems to be a great success, and it's certainly a great service. Thanks for creating it!

Bruce Coville

My daughter and her four roommates, who are studying abroad this semester, needed one last subletter for their five-bedroom apartment. She posted the ad on and quickly found someone who agreed to rent the final bedroom. This is a great site for any college student looking for a last minute apartment or for any college student who is looking to sublet his/her apartment. The woman who runs orangehousing, Donna Glassberg, will help you with all of your housing needs and is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly!

Amy C

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Orange Housing. We listed the house this morning at 9:40 and have already had three great potential people reach out. The service you provide is truly the best and feels so much better than listing with Craig's list. Thank you.

Liz K.
Executive Assistant to Senior VP @ SU

Dear fellow landlords,
First of all, I would like to state that I have no connection with the Orange Housing web site or any of it’s ownership except that I use their services to advertise my available housing rentals.
Recently, there was started another student housing web site which seemingly duplicates the services provided by Orange Housing. I have nothing for or against the ownership of that website but I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the following:
By using both web sites it will double the price of advertising our available rental units. Although this is a rather small sum, it will also entail twice the time to place the ads and I personally find this annoying. I have better things to do with my time.
All of the students already know of the services provided by Orange Housing and go there to look for their housing needs. What I am saying is this; that I will not patronize the new site unless forced to by everyone else’s actions. I see no need to duplicate our advertising and waste our time by placing a second ad on the new web site. I hope everyone else will see the logic in this and will refrain from using the new website. Again, its nothing personal for or against anyone involved with either web site; just trying to keep things simple.
Thank you for your time

Jay Z.

Hello Donna,
As per our conversation this morning, I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time and providing me with all the advice regarding my sons subleasing of his apartment. It was so helpful to speak to you this weekend.
Best Regards,