About Us

I started out in the Real Estate Industry with my husband in 1986. I worked in a Syracuse office assisting a property manager by managing the office and showing apartments to renters. Within a month, we were hooked on the many different aspects of the Real Estate business. My husband and I both decided to get our Real Estate Licenses. After that, we went from being renters to purchasing our first home for ourselves. While my husband was selling homes to homeowners and investors, we decided to start to purchase income properties to rent out around the SU campus. Repairing and managing our rental properties was a full time job for me.

In 1997, while watching people walk/drive around Syracuse, NY looking for rental signs on houses, I realized there was a need to connect Renters with Listers to help them find housing. As a Landlord, I had become tired of paying high prices to newspapers for ads.

The idea actually came to me from my then 11-year-old son while he was creating a personal web site for himself.

OrangeHousing.com was created and designed by me and incorporated the experience I had gained over my first ten years of being in the Syracuse Real Estate Industry. With the help of an SU IT student, who was also one of my tenants, OrangeHousing.com was launched in May of 1997.

Within 6 months of launching the site, the Chancellor's office called to find out what OrangeHousing.com was and who was running the site. They were so pleased to hear about our Rental Listing Website that they started to give out our URL to all SU students and employees who were looking for rentals in the area. After that, they displayed a link to our site from the SU website. ESF and SUNY Upstate Medical School were soon to follow. Large companies, such as Bristol Myers, started calling to find out who we are and what we do. Our name quickly became the first and leading locally owned Rental Listing Website.

In 1998, we were once again called on by SU, this time to assist them in their new off-campus housing office. We gladly assisted in setting up their office.

The secret to the success of OrangeHousing.com is the passion we have for the CNY area! That passion comes from living, working and playing in Syracuse, NY. The knowledge and experience we have is from both the renters point of view and the landlords side.

That passion comes the knowledge and experience I have from both the renters point of view and the landlords side.

In 2010, we realized that we needed to redo the whole web site to keep up with the changing times. It has taken us 6 years to figure out what was needed and how to get it coded to our specification. We needed to make sure all the existing data was able to be moved over. In addition we wanted to make searching easier for the renters so we added a search tool, an Apartment Alert for those who want to be notified via email of new listings as soon as they get posted. A location field was added for those that want to look in all sections of Syracuse, NY. We also added options for renters to share a listing with their friends and family via Facebook or email. A report button for viewers to let us know with one click if an ad is already rented, abusive, or inaccurate. For those that want to create their own list they can highlight the "heart" and it will be saved.

Most recently, we have completely revamped our website in order to optimize our user experience. Our website may have changed, but our mission has remained the same: to welcome renters and homeowners in to the wonderful area of Syracuse, NY. Every year we help thousands of renters find housing. We have a database of over 6,000 clients who have listed places for rent on OrangeHousing.com

We often help renters become homeowners, who then begin share our passion for living in CNY.

Unlike other Rental Listing Websites, we cater only to CNY. We live in CNY, we have years of first-hand knowledge and experience in the local Real Estate Industry. After owning rental property for the last 30 years, we have now started the process of selling off our rental properties in order to put all our focus on OrangeHousing.com. We still continue to serve on the advisory board at SU for Off-campus and commuter services. We like to help make it happen!