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OrangeHousing Tutorial Welcome new and returning ‘Cuse friends! Since 1997, has been helping renters connect with listers. We originally launched the site because we saw that SU, ESF, LeMoyne, and Upstate students/employees needed help looking for rentals. Due to the request by so many others, we are now helping all renters in Syracuse, NY find their ideal apartment. Not only are we a rental listing website capable of searching for listings, but now you can sign up for our newest feature, Apartment Alert! This will make your apartment hunting even easier by notifying you via email as soon as a new listing gets posted. We help make it happen!

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This is an exciting new upgrade for your listing that gives your ad the advantage of being visible on our main homepage. What are you waiting for, listers? Start showcasing your available properties on our front page by just checking the “Featured Front Page” box in the shopping cart upon checkout. Viewers will now be able to see your featured ads before they even start their search!

Didn't find what you're looking for? Check out all regular listings, or view by sublets or roommates by using the menu at the top of the page.


Our selection of available housing is updated daily with new ads and modifications to existing ads. Our site is FREE & SIMPLE to use. No need to log in! Select "All Listings" to explore all of your options or narrow it down by selecting "Regular Rentals", "Sublet", or "Roommate". Then you can choose to drill down your search by selecting any of the following options: # of Bedrooms, Maximum Price Per Bedroom, Location, and Building Type. To make things easier you can sort by Available Date, Rent, # of Bedrooms, and Location.

Always proceed with caution when dealing with people you don't know. We suggest you never pay with cash. While searching if you find any of these listing rented, inaccurate, or offensive, please report the ad to us with a simple click on the Report link.

Regular Rental = Usually a 12 month lease, but could be as few as 9 months. Our Apartment Hunting Checklist may help you.

Sublet Rental =  Usually a tenant-to-tenant short term lease. This occurs when a tenant has already signed a lease and no longer needs the place, so they look for someone to take over their lease. Always make sure the landlord is aware of your agreement and always sign a sublease agreement.

Roommate Rentals =  Usually one or two people looking to join others to split the rent or for various other reasons. This category is becoming so widely used that we needed to break it down in to 4 options to make it clear, accurate and simple. To contact potential roommates start searching here then interview thoroughly.
-Renter has an apartment/house, but needs a roommate to fill a vacant bedroom or two.
-Landlord who has not been able to get a full group, so they are putting a group of tenants together on one lease.
-Owner occupied is when the owner of the home is looking to rent out a room, possibly with some shared privileges.
-I'm a tenant or more than one tenant looking to find housing.


This includes all listers. Whether you have a Roommate Ad, Sublet Ad, or a Regular Rental Listing. The available space can be in any type of building including Apartment Complex Communities, Whole Houses, or an apartment in a Multi-Family house. You can list them all right here!

Listers, you will need to log in, so that you can have your own account and manage your ads. All of your ads, both “Live” and “Inactive” ads, will be saved with your text and your photos. At any time on your Live Ads, you can edit the type, upload new photos, extend the listing, and make the ad inactive once it's been rented or delete the ad from your library of ads. All of your “Inactive” ads will be saved and you can easily renew any ad at any time. Just make sure the ad is accurate, then list whenever you need it.

We offer 3 simple and effective ways to advertise all of your available places:
1-30 Days Basic Listing for only $10 and you are able to upload 10 pictures. You will have the option to extend the length of months the ad runs in the shopping cart. Once the ad date expires the listing will come off the site automatically. Then it will be stored in your Personal Library for you to renew at any time.
2- Featured Front Page Listing is an Upgraded Premium Listing in the shopping cart. For $300, your 30-Day Listing will be visible on our main page for 30 Days.
3- Orange Housing Directory is the least expensive way to be listed on our site. It is for all Landlords, Apartment Complex Communities, and Property Managers who want to be on the Orange Housing Directory. Please call our office or email us with your info. For $100 your info will be listed for one year in the Orange Housing Directory.

Without you, the lister, this site would not exist. You are truly important to us and we really appreciate you. We promise to keep our prices competitive, while delivering our quality service. All we ask in return is that you keep your ads accurate and current. When your place gets rented, please log back in and remove your Live Listing by checking the “Inactive” box. It is very frustrating for renters to find an ad they love, only to call and find it unavailable. Our goal is to keep this site accurate and current in order to help you get all your properties rented.

We will never keep any credit cards on file and our site is always secure. The only time you will be billed is when you select "Create a New Listing" or "Renew" an existing Live or Inactive Listing from your Personal Library.

When you choose to use our site, we pledge to help you make it happen! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We promise you will get someone who lives in Syracuse, NY and they will be knowledgeable about the area. If we don't know the answer or if we are away from the phone when you call, we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

We are committed to helping you make it happen!