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Address Rent Per Bedroom Date Available Beds Contact Location Pets Furnished Season Total Rent
107 Clarke St (Furnished, All Utilities, Parking, Newly Renovated) 575Available Now5Symoon HoseinUniversity AreaNoYes2875
306 Lexington Avenue 500Available Now5NannetteUniversity AreaNoYes2500
414 Broad St 6008-01-20191RobUniversity AreaYesCall600
645 Fellows Avenue 6006-01-20192KimUniversity AreaContactYes1200
114 N Lorraine Ave. 3507-01-20191KarenUniversity AreaNoYes350
225 Cambridge St (314-409-9953) 3006-01-20191MoUniversity AreaNoYes300
871 Ostrom Ave. 8007-01-2019StudioReneeUniversity AreaNoYes800
915 Westcott Street (Water And Wifi Included!) 4258-01-20191DeniseUniversity AreaContactYes425
739 Ackerman Ave. (Utilities Included) 500Available Now2AnneUniversity AreaNoYes1000
1203 Madison St 5257-01-20193MayUniversity AreaNoYes1575
137 Roosevelt 575Available Now3RobUniversity AreaYesCall1725
139 Fellows 5508-01-20191RobUniversity AreaYesCall550
913 Euclid Ave Su Area Summer Sublet 400Available Now1JeanUniversity AreaNoYes400
106 Judson 5508-01-20193RobUniversity AreaYesCall1650
312 Greenwood Plc. 4758-01-20192RudyUniversity AreaNoYes950
222 Cambridge Street ---- (Includes Utilities) 395Available Now1Kim ConnersUniversity AreaNoYes395
412 Broad St 6458-01-20191RobUniversity AreaYesCall645
926 Maryland Ave. 5258-01-20192EvanUniversity AreaNoYes1050
116 Ruth Ave 3758-01-20192DongUniversity AreaContactYes750
144 Redfield Pl. 4256-01-20191RudyUniversity AreaNoYes425
Ross Park Includes All Utilities And Fully Furnished. And 100Mb High Speed Internet And Air Conditioning)) 600Available Now1Mei Yun LinDowntownNoYes600
212 Bassett St. 4258-01-20192RudyUniversity AreaNoYes850
213 Greenwood Place 4508-01-20191RudyUniversity AreaNoYes450
132 Roosevelt Ave. 5956-01-20193RobUniversity AreaYesCall1785
Roomate Matching: University Hill Apts - Luxury All Inclusive Living!!! 375Available Now1University Hill AptsUniversity AreaNoYes375
217 Kensington Rd **everything Included** 5006-01-20193AndrewUniversity AreaNoYes1500
732 Westcott Street 3508-01-20192Zainab KhalidUniversity AreaNoSome700
Creekwalk Commons 324 W Water Street 900Available Now1HarshitaDowntownYesYes900
613 Clarendon Street 4208-01-20191JustinUniversity AreaYesYes420
901 Westcott St 375Available Now5JayUniversity AreaYesYes1875
401 Small Road 8758-15-2019StudioJohn FelderUniversity AreaNoYes875
951 Lancaster Ave 4006-01-20191Franki LiuUniversity AreaNoYes400
1029 Euclid Ave 4757-01-20191HeilaUniversity AreaNoYes475