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Address Rent Per Bedroom Date Available Beds Contact Location Pets Furnished Season Total Rent
815 Lancaster Ave. 5508-20-20196BeckyUniversity AreaNoYes3300
306 Lexington Avenue 500Available Now5NannetteUniversity AreaNoYes2500
E Genesee St 4753-01-20191CelitaUniversity AreaNoNo475
915 Westcott Street (Water And Wifi Included!) 4508-01-20191DeniseUniversity AreaContactYes450
817 Comstock Ave 650Available Now6ToddUniversity AreaContactYes3900
Eco Room 1419 E. Fayette St. Apt 2 Green Housing 3458-01-20192Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactSome690
Eco Apartments $325-$425 Westcott Green Housing Various Locations 3508-01-20192Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactSome700
Westcott Eco Rooms 107 Judson St. Apt 2, Esf Grads 4258-01-20191Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactSome425
Eco Rooms, Westcott Green Apts, Syracuse Green Housing, Summer Or Full Year 4005-10-20191Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaCatsSome400
Westcott Eco Room 107 Judson St. Apt 2, Esf Grads 4256-01-20201Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactNo425
956 Lancaster Avenue 400Available Now1DanUniversity AreaContactSome400
116 Ruth Ave 4008-01-20193DongUniversity AreaContactYes1200
Free Roommate Matching Service (All Utilities & Wifi Included!) 350Available Now1Syracuse Quality LivingUniversity AreaContactYes350
115 Diana Ave. (Utilities And Wi-Fi Included) 450Available Now1JoanUniversity AreaNoYes450
Eco Room 170 Fellows Ave., Westcott Area Su Esf Crouse 3508-01-20191Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactSome350
Roomate Matching: University Hill Apts - Luxury All Inclusive Living!!! 375Available Now1University Hill AptsUniversity AreaNoYes375
Cbc 899Available Now1Darya/kate/stephanie/madisonUniversity AreaYesYes899
300 University Ave 7498-01-20191Darya/kate/stephanieUniversity AreaYesYes749
300 Scottholm Terrace 550Available Now1Terry EckertUniversity AreaContactYes550
Short-Term Leases Available At 211, 218, & 219 Comstock Place - Comstock Place Llc 600Available Now1Comstock Place LlcUniversity AreaContactYes600
423 Cherry St. 4508-01-20191DongUniversity AreaNoCall450
812 Maryland Ave 4506-01-20194Steve .... LandlordUniversity AreaNoYes1800
113 Trinity Place (Off-Street Parking, All Utilities, Cable/internet, Furnishings, Washer/dryer Included) 5256-01-20191CosimoUniversity AreaYesYes525
129 Redfield Place 5506-01-20191RenataUniversity AreaNoYes550
1210 Euclid Avenue 5758-01-20192DeniseUniversity AreaNoYes1150
1013 Lancaster Ave 5008-01-20194MattUniversity AreaContactSome2000
733 Euclid Ave Looking For One Roommate 6008-01-20191ChuckUniversity AreaContactYes600
951 Lancaster Ave 4258-01-20192FrankUniversity AreaNoYes850