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Address Total Rent Date Available Beds Contact Location Pets Furnished Season Rent Per Bedroom
Delray Ave Near Seeley425Available Now1KarenUniversity AreaNoYes425
700 Lancaster Ave (Semester Lease) Students/professionals .900Available Now2SteveUniversity AreaNoYes450
146 Redfield Pl.425Available Now1RudyUniversity AreaNoYes425
313 Miles Ave500Available Now1MariaUniversity AreaContactYes500
E Genesee St (All Utilities Included)475Available Now1CelitaUniversity AreaNoNo475
737-739 Ackerman Ave. (Utilities Included)0Available Now1AnneUniversity AreaNoYes0
905 Comstock Ave.750Available Now1DainaUniversity AreaNoSome750
Eco Room 1419 E. Fayette St. Apt 2 Green Housing690Available Now2Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactSome345
Eco Apartments $325-$425 Westcott Green Housing Various Locations700Available Now2Syracuse Green HousingUniversity AreaContactSome350
956 Lancaster Avenue400Available Now1DanUniversity AreaContactSome400
222 Cambridge Street Utilities & Wi-Fi Included375Available Now1Kim ConnersUniversity AreaNoYes375
163 Cambridge St400Available Now1ChrisUniversity AreaNoYes400
115 Diana Ave. (Utilities And Wi-Fi Included)450Available Now1JoanUniversity AreaNoYes450
212 Bassett St.425Available Now1RudyUniversity AreaNoYes425
Westcott Near Lennox4259-01-20191HkUniversity AreaNoYes425
1032 Euclid Ave400Available Now1RayUniversity AreaNoYes400
300 University Ave17981-01-20202Darya/kate/stephanie/madisonUniversity AreaYesYes899
223 Fellows Avenue1050Available Now3LisaUniversity AreaNoSome350
415 Clarendon Street Bedroom Available450Available Now1BlakelyUniversity AreaNoCall450
$450, 2 New Full Baths, 2 Living Rooms, Fios Hs Wifi, Free Laundry, Garage, 4K Smart Tv450Available Now1John FlanneryUniversity AreaNoYes450
143 Redfield Pl425Available Now1EricaUniversity AreaNoSome425
415 Clarendon St Free Sept Rent Available Now!450Available Now1BlakelyUniversity AreaNoSome450
218 Comstock Place - Comstock Place500Available Now1SarahUniversity AreaContactYes500
600 Westcott Street2000Available Now5Joseph TwinaUniversity AreaNoSome400
800 Euclid Ave450Available Now1Paul WilliamsUniversity AreaNoYes450
1002 Ackerman Ave - Bedrooms Available2100Available Now6BlakelyUniversity AreaNoYes350
1000 Ackerman - Bedrooms Available - Utilities & Furniture Included!1600Available Now4EricaUniversity AreaYesYes400
822 Westcott #2 - Utilities And Furniture Included!897Available Now3EricaUniversity AreaNoYes299
862 Ostrom Ave (Most Desired Location, Free Utilities, Free On Site Laundry)575Available Now1SuzyUniversity AreaNoYes575
2410 E Genesee All Utilities Included!!975Available Now3EricaUniversity AreaNoYes325
184 Fellows Ave400Available Now1Azan HoseinUniversity AreaYesYes400
812 Maryland Ave475Available Now1Steve .... LandlordUniversity AreaNoYes475
Rooms Available Now!!! Must See- Beautiful House Right On Campus! 731 Ostrom625Available Now1CarynUniversity AreaContactSome625
554 Clarendon St1100Available Now2DanUniversity AreaContactYes550
N. Salina & Catawba300Available Now1KevaEastwoodNoSome300
136 Bassett St800Available Now2AndrewUniversity AreaYesYes400
214 Thurber Street1320Available Now2NannetteUniversity AreaNoYes660
Grad Student Roommate! 112 Burten St340Available Now1RandUniversity AreaNoYes340
737 Livingston Avenue1300Available Now2Shymoon HoseinUniversity AreaNoYes650
648 Fellows Ave2100Available Now3KimUniversity AreaContactYes700
111 Hawthorne St400Available Now1DongUniversity AreaContactCall400
317 Maple St400Available Now1DongUniversity AreaContactYes400
435 Jamesville Ave.1500Available Now3DianaUniversity AreaYesCall500
905 Comstock Ave.1450Available Now2DainaUniversity AreaNoSome725
819 Lancaster (Roommate Matching, $360 Per Bedroom)360Available Now1SolomonUniversity AreaContactYes360
186 Fellows Avenue1200Available Now3Azan HoseinUniversity AreaNoYes400
1002 Ackerman11859-01-20193DanUniversity AreaNoYes395