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Address Total Rent Date Available Beds Contact Location Pets Furnished Season Rent Per Bedroom
1444East Genesse St625Available NowStudioClinie
(315) 569-8634
University AreaNoYes625
908 Wescott Street (Utlities Included)7005-15-2020StudioRaffina Lapointe
(315) 415-1717
University AreaNoYes700
113 And 115 Comstock Avenue (All Utilities And Wifi Included!!!)8756-08-2020StudioUniversity Hill Apts
(315) 642-2000
University AreaContactYes875
321 Westcott Street (All Utilities And Wifi Included!!)9258-07-2020StudioUniversity Hill Apts
(315) 642-2000
University AreaContactYes925
University Hill Apartments 2020 Season (All Utilities & Wifi Included!!!)8506-02-2020StudioUniversity Hill Apts
(315) 642-2000
University AreaContactYes850
Skyler Commons1250Available NowStudioMelissa
(315) 565-7555
University AreaNoYes1250
1027 East Genesee St10506-01-2020StudioMelissa
(315) 565-7555
University AreaContactYes1050
1210 Euclid Avenue920Available NowStudioDenise
(315) 382-9471
University AreaContactYes920
321.5 Westcott Street (All Utilities And Wifi Included!!)9256-08-2020StudioUniversity Hill Apts
(315) 642-2000
University AreaYesYes925
141 Comstock Place.6508-01-2020StudioJoe
(315) 436-7764
University AreaNoYes650
205 Comstock Avenue7957-01-2020StudioDn Drucker Ltd
(315) 445-1229
University AreaContactYes795
205 Comstock Avenue7908-01-2020StudioDn Drucker Ltd
(315) 455-1229
University AreaContactYes790
205 Comstock7207-01-2020StudioDn. Drucker
(315) 445-1229
University AreaContactYes720
205 Comstock7958-01-2020StudioDn Drucker Ltd
(315) 445-1229
University AreaYesYes795