912 Westcott St.   4 Beds · $480 per bedroom

Regular Listing - $1920
Listing Comments
4 BR, hardwood floors, furnished. Front and rear porches, great attic space for hanging out, lots of storage, ample off street parking. Recently renovated kitchen, stainless appliances, 2200 sqft. Short walk to bus stop and campus.
Listing Details
Address: 912 Westcott St.
Location University Area
Rent (Per Bedroom): $480
Rent (Total): $1920
Beds: 4 Beds
Baths: 1.5
Date Available: 06-01-2018
Lease Length: 12.0 months
Lease Ends: 05-15-2019
Building Type: Whole House
Perfect For: Any
Pets: No
Furnished: Yes
Includes: None
Fireplace / Dishwasher / Laundry: Yes / Yes / Free
Porch / Parking / Smoking: Yes / Yes / No
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Contact Person: Esther
Contact Number: (315) 303-2269
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